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S Hotel, the invention of world-renowned creator and designer Philippe Starck, is an upscale, one-of-a-kind place to stay in the heart of Taipei’s Central Business District.  The blend of contemporary style, warm sophistication and joyful exuberance is a unique alternative in Taiwan’s capital – practical yet high-end comfort comes flamboyantly wrapped up in colorful wit, whimsy and charm, as only Philippe Starck could imagine and bring to life.

The hallmark of every guest’s stay in this intimate 101-room hotel is the cheerful feeling that comes from effortless luxury and heartwarming service.  It’s a fun place to be – and return to time and again.



Exhale and leave the city behind in our Philippe Starck-designed guestrooms that are as soothing as they are stylish, refreshing and supremely comfortable. Delightful décor is matched with the features you crave, from a power shower and slumber-licious bed (you can even choose from a pillow menu) to B&O audio equipment for your entertainment, and more.


The Creator

Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is an internationally acclaimed French creator, designer and architect. His profound comprehension of contemporary mutations, his determination to change the world, his anticipatory concern for environmental implications, his love of ideas, his desire to defend the intelligence of usefulness – and the usefulness of intelligence – have accompanied one iconic creation after the other. From everyday products such as furniture and lemon squeezers, to revolutionary mega-yachts, individual windmills, electric bikes or hotels and restaurants that aspire to be wondrous, stimulating and intensely vibrant places.

This untiring and rebellious citizen of the world, who considers it his duty to share his ethical and subversive vision of a fairer planet, creates unconventional places and objects whose purpose is to be “good” before being beautiful.

Philippe Starck and his wife, Jasmine, mostly live on an airplane or in “middles of nowhere”.

The Muse

Barbie Hsu "Da S"

Barbie Hsu, for whom S Hotel is named, is an acclaimed Taiwanese actress, TV host, singer, style icon and beauty. Her husband created S Hotel as his own special present for her, a tribute to love and happiness, created to inspire the same emotions for every guest. You can see reminders of this pearl of a gift throughout the hotel, with necklaces accenting wall light sconces and even an oversized strand of “pearls” strand adorning the hotel façade.

Barbie enchanted Taiwan long before she inspired S Hotel. When she and her sister formed a popular singing duo called ASOS, as the older sister Barbie was nicknamed “Da S” (Big S.) Multiple albums followed her breakthrough, and she since co-hosted entertainment TV shows and starred in the enormously popular Meteor Garden TV series as well as dramatic films. Renowned for her loveliness, she has published books sharing her secrets for timeless beauty.