【S Restaurant & Bar 6月精選調酒】

期間限定推出!S Bar x Jack Daniel No.7威士忌聯名特調
『雙龍夏傑克 Summer Oolongan Jack』


精選嘉義煙燻龍眼乾,與阿里山陳年高山烏龍相互襯托出 @Jack Daniel No.7威士忌的芳香甘醇。Jack Daniel田納西威士忌經過蒸餾並倒入糖楓木炭桶中過濾,獨特香氣呈現琥珀色澤,濃厚的煙燻風味,調和手做自製龍眼蜜,冰涼的氣泡水提升口感,清爽風味劃破沉悶夏日帶來一抹清涼!

Pick from a selection of Chiayi finest smoked dry longan, and Alishan's aged oolong tea which brought out the aromatic of Jack Daniel’s No.7 whiskey. Jack Daniel Tennessee whiskey is distilled and filtered through with sugar maple charcoal. The unique taste is amber color, with a strong smoky flavor. Those flavors blend with our own homemade longan-honey syrup, and cold sparkling water to enhance the taste. With this freshing flavor it will surely cut through the dull summer and brings you a cool breeze!


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