S Hotel, the latest invention of word-renowned creator and designer Philippe Starck, is an upscale, 103-room sanctuary in Songshan district in the heart of Taipei and a unique blend of contemporary style, warm sophistication and joyful exuberance. Its HYG Restaurant & Bar, the only Danish restaurant in Taiwan, fuses Nordic cuisine with Asian elements under the helm of Danish chefs with Michelin-star pedigrees. But it is the atmosphere of love and happiness that envelops all guests that inspires them to return time and again.


Philippe Starck is an internationally acclaimed French creator, designer and architect. His profound comprehension of contemporary mutations, his determination to change the world, his anticipatory concern for environmental implications, his love of ideas, his desire to defend the intelligence of usefulness - and the usefulness of intelligence - have accompanied one iconic creation after the other. From everyday products such as furniture and lemon squeezers, to revolutionary mega-yachts, individual windmills, electric bikes or hotels and restaurants that aspire to be wondrous, stimulating and intensely vibrant places.

This untiring and rebellious citizen of the world, who considers it his duty to share his ethical and subversive vision of a fairer planet, creates unconventional places and objects whose purpose is to be “good” before being beautiful.

Philippe Starck and his wife, Jasmine, mostly live on an airplane or in "middles of nowhere".

Barbie “Da S” Hsu is a Chinese actress, TV host, and singer from Taiwan. When she and her sister formed a popular singing duo SOS, Barbie was nicknamed Da S (Big S) for being the older sister, and her sister was Xiao S (Little S) as the younger sister. They also co-hosted TV shows such as the popular Entertainment 100%, an entertainment news show.

Having already achieved prominence, Barbie's fame rose to stellar level with her starring role in an idol- drama series, Meteor Garden (2001), based on the famous Japanese manga story, Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers). Meteor Garden became extremely popular not just in Taiwan but also in other Asian countries, and propelled the careers of the young actors who starred in the drama series.

Barbie continued with roles in TV dramas as well as movies. Some of her other dramas included Meteor Garden II (2002), Mars (2004), and Summer's Desire (2010). Notable movies are Connected (2008), Adventure of the King (2010), Hot Summer Days (2010), and Million Dollar Crocodiler (2012).

Aside from many song albums released with her sister, Barbie has also sung for dramas such as Mars (2004) and Summer's Desire (2010). She has also published books on beauty secrets. In 2012, she married a Chinese entrepreneur after a whirlwind romance. She was listed number 89 in TC Candler's list of "The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2012".